Success is an Attitude

  • succes is an attitude

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Success is an Attitude

  • succes is an attitude

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June 04, 2009


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Masters Dissertation

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

hemen parekh

Customization of resume is an art that does not come easily to every jobseeker.

Then there is a science of customization which converts a plain text
resume into 8 graphs, online / automatically / instantly.

What is a resume supposed to achieve ?

 to capture the attention of the recruiters

 to motivate the recruiters to read it long enough to interpret the jobseeker's story

To impress the recruiters, what you need is a graphical / visual / analytical presentation.

There is only one job-portal on the Web which can do this and FREE


hemen parekh

Mumbai - India

dissertation blog

Great blog! The information you provide is quiet helpful, why I was not able to find it earlier. Anyways I’ve subscribed to your feeds, keep the good work up.

Redundancy Advice

Thanks for the interesting post. This sounds like a great start-up idea. A lot of these companies online don’t give the best quality. I look forward to reading more from you.

Redundancy Advice

Great tips!
Another important aspect is to be flexible.
When a person basically starts a career anew, it means he/she may have to make concessions about job titles, salary, relocation, etc. And this is not as easy as it may sound.

hemen  parekh

As compared to a jobseeker writing her own resume, a resume written by a professional expert resume-writer would any day prove better.


Before sending that well-written resume to a recruiter, can a jobseeker figure-out in advance whether that resume will

 get " read / rated / ranked and scored " by recruiter ?

 get compared automatically with resumes of other applicants ?

 get an interview-call ?

She can – if she will only type " Resume Rater " in Google and download this software tool ( free ) from any of the 35+ websites.

Resume Rater mimics the " resume - evaluation " process of recruiters and does it in an unbiased / objective way.


hemen parekh

hemen  parekh

There are no" dream " jobs.

Only " compromise " jobs.

Just as there are no " ideal " candidates.

But plenty of " suitable " candidates.

And a " reasonable " place to find both is

( - there are no “ best “ places ! )

Jobseekers and Recruiters must learn to take a chance !

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

Account Deleted

Are jobseekers right in asking ,

Where is the level playing field ?

63 years after Independence, Indian Recruiters are still asking the candidates ,

 What community do you belong to ?

 What does your father do for living ?

 Which is your home state ?

 Why did you divorce ?

 What is your mother tongue ?

 Who is prime minister of Hungary ?

Jobseekers are wondering :

" Does my work-performance in this Organization depend

upon what my answers are ? "

Am I just exaggerating ? Has anyone experienced similar

irrelevant questions ?

Do questions get " tailored " according to the candidate

sitting in front of the Recruiters ?

And what questions are Recruiters elsewhere asking ?

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

Term Papers

Applying for a federal job requires you to take a different approach and adhere to a different set of rules and techniques. Unlike private sector recruitment, the procedures followed in federal recruitment go by certain criteria and rules. The basic idea here is to provide every applicant an equal opportunity. Of late, the OF-612 form, or Federal Resume, is the accepted resume form for federal jobs.

recruiter for recruiter

It might be pretty hard for some people to make their resume customized for each job they're applying for while still indicating a balanced range of experience and capabilities. For me, I say you modify the first half of your resume to fit the requirements of the job, and then set the second half of the resume to showcase the other things that you can contribute to the company. The employer should see you qualified first, and then a well-rounded person the next.

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