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December 09, 2005


Carl Bromley

Bud, Thanks for more common sense. I disagree with #7 (never use BCC) and will expand on the three occasions I use it:

#1: When sending a general notice to everyone in my address book, like "My email has changed" or "Here's something I think is important for everyone to know". When others use the regular cc feature, spammers seem to always find a way to harvest every email address listed. Voila, your friends get more spam and you were only trying to help.

#2: When using email as a sounding board. Example: A year ago or so, I proposed a county-wide advisory panel, members of which our County Commissioners would be able to access for opinions, hard data, and strategy. While the names would be meaningless to a commissioner, our advisors DO want to know what is going on. Easy answer: bcc.

Carl Bromley

#3 as promised:

When I am preparing an email to be shared primarily in its printed-out version, keeping the "noise" to a minimum helps. Ten or twenty cc's at the top can be distracting from the message you want to share, plus it often puts the real "message" on page two or three.


Bud Bilanich

Thanks for your thoughts on the bcc feature. I agree with your suggestions.
In my post, I was suggesting that people should not use the bcc feature in a harmful way. For example, I have seen cases where people will send an e mail to an individual complaining about something he or she did -- and send a bcc to that person's boss. I think this type of behavior is unethical and cowardly.
Unfortunately, the bcc feature is used this way all too often. That's the type of use of the bcc feature I meant when I suggested that people should not send bcc's in my blog post.
You have suggested some very appropriate uses for the bcc feature. I think it is fine to use the feature in the ways you suggest. Also, you have cleared up any potential misunderstandings that could arise from the blanket statement on the bcc feature I made in my post. Thanks for your feedback.

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