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September 25, 2006


Per Wendelboe

I found this post immensely inspiring - In fact, tomorrow morning I am going to mount the signed jersey of former Danish soccer star Per Pedersen on my office wall.

I treasure that jersey and the great story of a percieved 'over the hill' player that made it anyway it reminds me of.

Perseverance is one of the core values at the company I work for and I will have that in mind every time I look at it.

steve wasiura

The rock band KISS did the same thing back in the late 70's at a printing plant for their comic book "KISS meets the Phantom" each member of the band drew some blood and added it to the red ink for the comic book. I don't believe it was boiled or anything like that, and as a result, a couple of thousand kids got KISS fever that still continues to this day. But it's a novel concept.

Unfortunately, once a major marketing play like this is done once, if anyone else copies it (such as Reebok) then it loses it's impact, and the copier ends up looking like a copycat. Unique powerful marketing tricks have the most impact.

Still those sports fans are crazy, so you never know what they will buy...

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