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September 05, 2006


Alan Allard

The behavior exemplified by Radio Shack executives in the "firing" of employees exposes something beyond a lack of common sense. It exposes a value system and culture that is heavily biased towards what is easy and palatable to those in power...without concern for those not sharing that level of power.

So, more than a lack of common sense, this is about using fellow human beings and then throwing them away when they are no longer wanted, and throwing them away like the trash they are considered to be.

Thanks for an excellent blog.


Alan Allard

Bud Bilanich

Unfortunately, I agree with you. RadioShack senior management seems to be a heartless bunch. And, the culture of the company seems to reinforce their behavior.
Just today, my wife told me that she wanted to pick up something at RadioShack. I said "no way, we're not doing business with them. Let's find some place else to buy what we need".
So that's one sale they've lost...
Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your straightforward communication style.
All the best,


i wish everyone would stick to their convictions and not support the bad guys, then we'd have a lot more good companies in the world.

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