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March 02, 2007


Denise aka The Blog Squad

Interesting question. I tend to switch my email sig periodically. I think people stop seeing them after a while so if you create something new once in a while, it might catch your recipient's eye. A long list of URLs doesn't really appeal to me. I'm not going to check out every one. But, if there was one with a brief description of what you would find there, that might pique my interest.

Ina Matijevic

This is very interesting post. As an engineer in food company I have to have corporate signature with 13 lines, but as entrepreneur I will have :

Ina Matijevic

It is short.
Web site will tell You everything about me, visually and with sound.
Nothing else matters.
Web site will have two slides.

If You sense emotion, that's great, if not, than, walk away:-)

Thank You for this insight.

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