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April 11, 2007


Public Speaking courses

I too am a member of Toastmasters, adn have been for 13 years.

There are certinally some great articles in teh Toastmaster Mag. Pitty they are all so USA focused. I'm glad that they have finally realised that Toastmasters is an international Organisation and have deceided to have teh International conference in Australia in 2010. That's my home town!!! See you there.


Public Speaking courses

Sorry, I should ahve said Toastmasters is coming to Sydney Australia (not just Australia). Sydney is my home town.

Some interesting facts obout Toastmasters: I was talking to David Brooks (1990 World Champ of Public speaking last year) and I asked him how many districts are in Texas. He told me there were about 2 and a half. I then asked him if he knew how big Australia was. He said he did not know. When I then told him that Texas fitted into my District (D73) 5 and a half times he nearly fell off his seat. Then there are the other 2 districts that are in Australia. While not as big, one is about twice the size of Texas. Not THAT is BIG!!!!

See you in Sydney.


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