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May 22, 2007


Steve Roesler

Hi, Bud,

I'm on the "much ado about almost nothing" side of the argument. We're inside of different organizations all the time. I'm just not seeing tension, and I'm looking for it. How about you?

There are obvious differences given the era, culture, and social norms of different generations. But I haven't seen it played out in any meaningful way.

BTW: When it's really rainy and cold outside, we light the fireplace and put the Morris Massey tape on. Things can get slow in the backwoods of South Jersey.

David Zinger

Good points Bud:
I think we latch on to a concept and then try and make people fit the concept rather than use it as a tool to understand. You would probably like the book Retiring the Generation Gap. I wrote a blog post on this at:


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