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November 19, 2007


John Kremer

John Kremer is being misquoted here by the consultant: "He would raise his fee to $1000.00 an hour and give a $500.00 rebate per hour if people would just shut up, listen to what he said and stopped whining."

What I really said is this: I have thought about raising my fee to $1,000 and giving half of it back if people would actually follow through on what I advised them to do. I don't ever want people to shut up or stop whining. That's not me.

But every consultant runs into the same situation where people pay a lot to get his or her advice, but then they don't follow the advice. That can be frustrating, especially when you are giving the best advice out there.

Now I am vain enough to think I am the best book marketing consultant out there and that my advice really is good. I do want people to pay attention because I am giving good advice. But I am a realist. Some people listen and do act; others don't.

The rebate idea was a way to dramatize that desire to have people pay attention. But it in no way was meant to imply that I wanted people to shut up and listen or to stop whining. I want to help people. That simple.

John Kremer

Bud Bilanich

Thanks for your comment. Sorry about the misquote.
All the best,


Sadly Mr. X. is not alone in his approach to customer relationships.

Resume Writer

I am a professional resume writer ( and I seek to build long-lasting relationships with my clients. But I made a mistake and responded to an e-mail when upset back in August of 2006 and was pretty harsh with a customer.

While the "issue" was one with her timeliness and response, I should not have responded to her the way that I did. I was at my wits-end at the time (as I mentioned in a prior post, I was a Hurricane Katrina evacuee and needed a vacation BADLY!)

It is the only time it has happened and I still regret it. But on the other side, I do "manage" my relationships and quickly sever those relationships with clients who feel that business owners and managers should take abuse under the umbrella that "The Customer is Always Right". Again, I seek to build relationships and the Hurricane Katrina debacle has taught me that life is too short to worry about making everyone happy, because it is impossible.

With that said, I have excellent relationships with 99% of my clients and am a big believer in providing that little "extra" for my clients.
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Yes john kremer has sadi the right thing :D

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