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December 17, 2007


Nettie Hartsock

HI Bud,

I love all of Halberstam's books and was so sad when he died last year.

I also think what you say in terms of finding ways to help people who work for you become self-confident and purposeful is right on the mark.

Bud Bilanich

Thanks for your kind words, Nettie.
David Halberstam's untimely passing was truly a loss for those of us who enjoyed his wonderful writing.
I visited your blog and subscribed. Keep up the excellent writing.
Bud Bilanich

Ina Matijevic

Dear Bud,
this is the point where I can distinguish leader from great leader!

'' His job was to teach them to find that quality in themselves.”

Thank You for this inspiring post!

Agenda Software

Dear Bud,

Yes 21st century is really modern. You are right. ;)

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