Success is an Attitude

  • succes is an attitude

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Success is an Attitude

  • succes is an attitude

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July 22, 2008


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Beth Robinson

It's looking good, Bud. When I saw your first effort, which was my first introduction to visualCVs, I wondered why I should bother when I could just fill out my LinkedIn profile more fully, but then I saw some of the company's samples and realized how much more could be done with it. It better represents you now.

I have some other online development projects that will come first, but setting up a visual CV is definitely on my todo list. Thanks for posting about it.

Bud Bilanich

Thanks for your comment, Beth. I really appreciate it.
My Visual CV is still a work in progress. But, as you have seen, and I am discovering, it is a pretty powerful piece of software. When you set up your Visual CV, please share it here.
All the best,

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