Success is an Attitude

  • succes is an attitude

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Success is an Attitude

  • succes is an attitude

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December 02, 2008


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Mario Sanchez Carrion

Very true. Without discovering and doing what we believe in and feel passionate about we will never achieve a powerful personal brand.

Joseph Rueter

I find it funny that we all have a personal brand yet it is so hard to find each other online. That is no where even close to a positive personal impact. Why do we hide behind google? It's not helping us. Why are we waiting for google to find us so others can?

I say, lets collect all our stuff in one place on online and then share that one place all over the place. Let's stop being intentionally anonymous and start being honestly authentic. What do you say?

I use as a tool to help with this. Check it out.

Bud Bilanich

Mario, Joseph:
Thanks for your comments.
I have taken a look at and like what I see. I am going to create a profile and post it there.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention Joseph.
All the best,

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