Success is an Attitude

  • succes is an attitude

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Success is an Attitude

  • succes is an attitude

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May 15, 2009


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Unfortunately I feel the world is becoming less tolerant. Albert Einstein said, "in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be a spirit of tolerance in the entire population." I don't see that spirit of tolerance here in the USA; rather, it appears that more are intolerant of other views and attack (verbally or physically) those with whom they do not agree. For instance take the recent Miss California "news". This woman was attacked and belittled by many because of her opinion stated during a beauty pagent. Of course those who agreed with her proceeded to return the attack against those attacking her.

This reminds me of the parents'response in the story from Mr. Alexie. We need more grandmothers (and parents, brothers, sisters, columnists, newscasters, etc.) like Junior's grandmother.

I join with you in the hope of greater tolerance! Thanks for another thought-provoking post and the book recommendation.


Bud Bilanich

Thanks for your comment. I agree that we need more people like Junior's Grandmother. I think we all need to learn from Junior's Grandmother too.
And you're right, the Miss California situation is awful. I don't agree with what she had to say, but I think that the treatment she has received because she said it is deplorable.
Thanks again for a thought provoking comment.
Have a great weekend.

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